wayne1Wayne grew up on North Padre Island. His backyard had a view of the beach and a 700 acre wetlands estuary.  Needless to say Wayne spent an enormous amount of time on the water.  The beach allowed access to surf, the waterways and bays permitted an opportunity develop expert sailing and seamanship skills. In through his adult life Wayne has carried on and built on these these core elements of his life.  He has spent time surfing and traveling in the U.S., Central and South America. He also still actively races high performance sailboats and even spent a summer as a captain in Mexico.

Having grown up in a house hold of educators it is not surprising that Wayne has spent much of his professional work developing his skills as an educator himself.  Wayne first began teaching at Boy Scout camps at the age of 16. At age 18 Wayne was certified sailing instructor by U.S Sailing.  Also being a musician Wayne has held a position as a music instructor at Sound Vibrations in Corpus Christi.  While working at Flour Bluff ISD as a Teachers Aide Wayne has hacked away at his coursework for a Texas Teaching Certification.  Graduation is expected in December 2012.